We had a vision to create a unique medium, in a place everyone visits at least once a week. A medium that created a nice atmosphere while shopping; a medium about sounds and emotions. Then we realized what a great business opportunity it was for retailers. The idea was beyond just background music in stores, it was targeted messages for a captive audience, this idea grew into a very interesting business model.

Since 2003 Voxpop has enjoyed incredible growth for a business that had never been done before. In a short period of time, from being a local, then regional company, Voxpop was the biggest in-store network in Mexico, reaching over 39 million people in 1300 stores across the country. This great idea had more to offer, so we established operations in the USA in 2009, where we are starting (but now with a lot of experience) what will be soon one of the biggest in-store audio networks in America.

We are now on the ride of a lifetime! Come join us! We promise you will not regret it.

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